19 September 2011

OFSC Easter Classic 2011 - Spot and the 6'6" Webber Afterburner

A lot can be written about the sublime stylistic surfing of the stylemaster Spot (Old Fart Surf Co. No. 6).  Showing oldfartsurfing age and finesse beyond his actual years he makes the art of wave riding something blissful to behold.
(Spot meditates in the Oldfartsurfer pre-surf pose before entering the water)
"The Old Farts Surf Co. were pleased to sponsor Spot's appearance at the Easter Classic 2011." said OFSC Head Honcho, the Mexican.  "Despite his youthful years we welcome his oldfartsurfer ethos".
"When Mex offered to let me ride his 6'6" Webber Afterburner I was sold on flying in for the Easter Classic 2011" said Spot.  "The Afterburner and I have a great working relationship that enables us to work together to express bliss on a wave" said Spot.
"The long small fat waves with occasional zippy sections enabled Spot to demonstrate a laid back grace on a wave not seen since Phil Edwards walked the plank" said Rouge, who photographed the event.  "I was going to hop in the water to join the classic surfing but was mesmerised by Spot's surfing and just stayed on shore to record the event before I surfed myself.".
The OFSC were particularly pleased to secure Spot for the event, the last opportunity before he returned to Canuckland for some early autumn sessions with Moose.
"It was a pretty classic Easter Classic", said Mex.  "We were lucky getting both Rouge and Spot to fly in from interstate for the event, then to have them combine together like this in front and behind the camera was just magic. We've included a lot of photos here so scroll down and enjoy the magic."
(Spot demonstrates classic oldfartsurfing style)

(Timeless artistry on a wave not seen since Phil Edwards walked the plank)

(Two greats of oldfartsurfing confer, Spot & Rouge had a synergy that produced magic at the OFSC Easter Classic 2011)


Anonymous said...

hey Mex, another impressive entry! What am I actually saying to Spot? Was it a deep and meaningful about the beauty of the environment? Was it a bonding conversation about the location? Was it a shared moment between a genuine old fart and a decades away one? Or was I just saying "Hey Spot, can you mind the camera while I duck back home to lay a bit of cable".

Oldfartsurfer said...

Much has been said about the Cable Guy and the National Broadband Network, suffice to say enough cable has been laid to hook up the whole nation. However, what happens on tour stays in tour and anything the Oldfartsurfer reports on the conversation between Rouge & Spot would be mere conjecture. Perhaps Spot will spill the beans?