10 June 2010

Mick Fanning - Focus, Commitment & Down to Earth

I'll have to admit that before I read Surf For Your Life my perception of Mick was that he was a bit of a beer drinking boofhead, albeit a boofhead who was a brilliant surfer.  Well shame on the Oldfartsurfer for taking a superficial view of the lad based the sensationalist surf press.  Pictures of his alter ego, Eugene, swilling beer, and photos of Mick's willy hanging out of his board shorts are not the full picture.  Mick and his writer Tim Baker have done a brilliant job of presenting a great story starting with Mick's childhood in Western Sydney, the loss of his older brother, an horrific injury and the focus and dedication he applied to come back from adversity to become world champion.  The story is worthy of a Rocky style movie, but what impressed me was insight into Mick's personality and spirituality.  It is well written, difficult to put down and changed the Oldfartsurfer's perception of Mick to one of a well grounded and generous world champion.