05 June 2010

The Dude Tour of SE Asia

At home the current air temperature is 7degC and the expected maximum is 12degC.  The water temperature is 13degC.  The surf report says clean 1'-2' but closing out along the entire length of the beach due to the low tide.  The high tide offers later in the day offers little primise with the wind is forcast to turn onshore.  AND, its raining.  With surf off the agenda for the first day of the weekend the Oldfartsurfer texted The Dude to see if he was fairing any better somewhere in SE Asia.
(1'-2' clean and closing out, 7degC)
The Dude, the Mastersurfcraftsman of the Old Farts Surf Co., had packed his hand made 6' fat fish, The Craic, and, along with The Good Woman, headed to Jakarta in search of culture, waves and beer.  The first report came through saying he had only had two beers in three days, an exceptionally low beer count for an oldfartsurfer on tour.  He had a much higher beer count on his mission to Spain last year looking for Splinter Group contest sites, however, he promised to improve his performance. The second report was of no waves in Jogjackarta but waves at a new location on the south coast of Java.  The Dude is remaining tight lipped on the location of these waves.
(6' fat fish, The Craic, being tested at home)
The Dude's texted reply is as follows "3 foot and closing out at Legian.  Hoping high tide at 4 pm will be the go.  Water is warm at least".  So the Dude has reached Bali, lets hope he gets some good waves.
(The Mexican, The Young Dude and The Dude, Legian 2007)

Bonus Bit
From the English to Spanish dictionary (Granada University, Spain)
old fart
(n.) = carroza, viejo chocho, vejestorio, viejo pesado, viejo pelmazo

Ex: Old farts are everywhere, and they bring with them the ghosts of the past -- ghosts that are long dead and need to remain so.
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Anonymous said...

Dude, good to hear that you're travelling the SE. I have fond memories of Jogya, and the south coast of Java. I was there in the early 80's, remember Batu Karas as a wild point break only accessible by bus, motor bike, well off the beaten track. Now a major resort so I hear. Lovely people, lovely country. Can't wait for the old fart official (embellished) story.