18 March 2010

Expression Session 1 - Macho

If ever there was wise old man of the sea its oldfartsurfer Macho.  Not only is he wise but he is a mastersurfcraftdesigner and what he doesn't know about making boards go could easily be remebered if we could figure out what it is.  In this, the second featured olfartsurfer from Expressions Session 1, Macho shows us how to look wise by sitting calmly on his board staring intently at the horizon.  He looks so wise no one argues with him, but of course he rarely utters a sound because he knows everthing and wouldn't waste his breath on fools.
(Wise old man of the sea, Macho, stares intently at the horizon, summoning a set)
(Macho and the perfect crouch)
Another way Macho expresses his personality is by his measured and precise stylised surfing.  He uses perfect technicque from wave selection, position on the peak, paddling, take off and off course his signature crouch.
(Macho with perfect technique)
We asked Macho for some comments on the Expression Session, but of course he didn't answer, just stared at the horizon.
(Macho expressing himself by staring wisely at the horizon, The Dude in the background)
Surf buddy, the Dude, said "Macho controls the pack and we even think he might be controlling the waves because he always gets the best ones."  Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican said "there is a rumour that Macho is actually a physcial manifestation of the surf god Hughey".  Macho neither confirmed or denied this, further entrenching the legend while staring mystically at the horizon.
(Macho paddling out towards the horizon while another dude surfs by)
(Macho with perfect take-off and crouch)
(Macho with his perfect crouch coming out of the sun or is that Hughey)


Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess if you're trying to figure out Macho then you just don't get it. From the shots of his scone, he could be related to Buddha...

Anonymous said...

aaah Grasshopper, it all now makes sense
Buddha and Hughey are of the same essence ..