05 September 2009

Sap Brothers Mix it with The Pros as Splinter Group Makes its Presence Felt

(The Mexican almost lands a tripple air reverse)
The phone call came through from The Young Dude about 9:30 am, parents away he'd had an all night bender at home and was a bit late off the mark. "Hey Mex the coast is on, lets take mum's car for a spin". Half an hour later, the sound of squeeling tyres at the bottom of the street and The Young dude does donuts in the VW as he waits for the Mex to grab his gear.

( The Mex trims the 6'8" hollow timber rounded pin to perfection)

In the back seat is The Yound Dude's Sister (aka the Dude's Daughter), encouraging her brother to fang it harder. "Its only mum's new car and it needs a good hard drive to wear it in" she said as the Mex managed to throw the gear through an open door and grab hold of a roof rack as the Young Dude goes sideways on two wheels.

(The Mexican's 6'8" hollow timber craft trims like an excocet missile)

The Young Dude's 6'6" rounded pin is almost identical to the Mexican's 6'8" making them sap brothers, a unique team within the Splinter Group of world surfing. What the Mex gives away in height to The Young Dude he makes up with an extra couple of inches. Together they mentally dominated the lineup which included some stickered pros. (This pro secretly wants to join the splinter group and his sponsors are rumoured to be in negotiation with the Old Farts Surf Co. to sponsor some of the events. The pro let slip to the Mex in the lineup "I'd rather sit around on a fat peak chewing the fat with the old farts than surf Shippies")

(The Mex pulls off a fat one)
The trip to the coast took 30 min instesad of the usual 60 min. The Young Dude's sister giggled with joy as she clasped her hands over her brothers eyes while he drove the VW at 160 kph and the Mex, still outside hanging on to the roof rack, stuck his foot through the drivers window to steer the car.
(The Mex and a fat one)
The Young Dude Sister proved a deft hand with the camera and has already been appointed official Old Fart Surf Co. photographer by appointment HH (that's the Head Honcho for those of you not up with this blog).
(Beats towing into shippies any day)
The journey home was much more sedate as the Sap Brothers had satiated themselves on fat waves and the pies at the bakery weighed heavily in their gut. A bit of fun was had running a few speed cameras, the carefree crew didn't have a care in the world "mum'll get the fine" said the Young Dude with a devilish grin while his sister gave the cops the sign. "You two are a modern day Bonnie and Clyde" quipped the Mex before falling asleep. (Can't stand up with yer hands over yer head in this one)
(Mex lands a rodeo flip)
(Mex lines up his next ariel)
(Mex recovers from a massive re-entry)
(the Yound Dude sneaks out the back)
(The Yound Dude slidin' the splinter)

(The Yound Dude Powers through the pack of pros)
(The Young Dude lands a tripple air reverse)
(The Yound Dude lines up his next move)
(The Young Dude sinks the tail sap to get back to the juice)
(The Young Dude slotted)
(The Mex Slotted)
("The Mexican" surfcraft on autopilot)

(The Mex floating "The Mexican")

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Anonymous said...

Boys another great post. Strange to hear about the 9:30am start - should be on your way home by then! Footy season finally over so I teed up with my boogie boarding godson to hit the beaches next w/end that's if I can find my board it's somewhere in the garage under all the footy gear. Planning for whale or palm hoping to avoid the crowds. Expect a report sometime soon...