30 January 2012

Oldfartsurfers Gather at Sandon Point

Oldfartsurfer Rouge (OFSC No.45) and his main squeeze, Hot Stuff (OFSC No. 58 - aka Madam Rouge), went on an oldfartsurfsafari last year.  They came across a group of oldfartsurfers having an oldfartsurfing event at Sandon Point.  Rouge sent the photos with the following message:

"Hot Stuff  & I just returned from a tour of Syd-Melb via Princes Hwy.  On our first day, we called in to Sandon Point (north of the Gong) and just happened to come across the is amazing event - I'm sure this was sanctioned by you!
 (A tribe of genuine oldfartsurfers about to paddle out)
Well Rouge was right, The Old Farts Surf Co. has sanctioned this event, albeit posthumourously!  How could we not?  You only have to check these dudes out to know they are genuine, if not official, oldfartsurfers.
Of particular note is the dedication to riding real oldfartsurfing equipment and displaying trophies previously won by genuine oldfartsurfers like Andrew McKinnon, Frank Latta and Australia's first world champion Midget Farrelly.  The Mexican (OFSC No. 4) recalls having a 6' Farrelly tri fin in 1971, 10 years before they were invented by Simon Anderson. 
 (Oldfartsurfboards to be proud of)
It appears, from the Bobby Brown link Rouge provided, that he had stumbled on the Bobby Brown Memorial Paddle Out and Single Fin Contest.  A brilliant surfer in the 60's, Bobby died young and a travelling exhibition and events commemorate his life.  Check out the link he provided for a bit of history.

(A real oldfartsurfer's trophy
 (McKinnon, Latta & Farrelly - oldfartsurfer pedigree)
 (Check out the spray job on this stinger under the arm of an oldfartsurfgrommet!)
(This pin tail was meant for riding big walls)
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Anonymous said...

Now this was one of those stories that just fell into my lap. Some sort of connection with Huey going on here. Seems like every time I venture on a road trip, the surf pumps or I bump into an old old acquaintance.

So can I make a living out of this? Could I publish and compete with Surfing World? Tracks? Who would buy photos of old farts? Cashed up Old Farts themselves?

And Mex - as my preferred (um, only) publisher, what sort of rate are we looking at here? Enough for me to go full time roving reporter?


Oldfartsurfer said...

Rouge, in my view your article has Pulitzer Prize winning characteristics. Perhaps if you paddled out and dropped in while doing an interview and took a few fins in the head you could take it off. I suggest you try South Narra and spill some claret.
Stay Stoked