05 March 2011

The Mex and The Dude Hit the Road Early and Score

There is very little an oldfartsurfer enjoys more than a good long nanna nap, especially after a solid surf or a long night of hoirizontal folk dancing.  Basically, getting up before dawn for an early surf torments himn as he is torn between his love of surf and his love a good lie in on a Saturnday morning. 
Fortuntaley for Oldfartsurfers Mex (OFSC No. 4) and the Dude(OFSC No. 12) they overcame their desire to sleep in and scored some nice fat 3'-4' waves at the bottom of an island off the south coast. 
The Mex set the alarm for 4:45 am but his internal clock had him up at 4:30 am scoffing his mueslii and packing his board and on the road by 5:am.  He picked up the Dude at 5:30am and they were on their way to catch the first ferry at 6:30 am.
After a drive to the bottom of the island, a quick surf check indicated swell and glassy conditions.  The Dude was in the water first and cracked his first wave at 8 am. 
After a solid two and a half hours of wave catching the boys thought they had had enough, particularly with an onshore wind threatening.  The managed to get the 12:30 pm ferry back to get home in time for an afternoon nanna nap.

(After an early start the Dude catches his final wave of the day before heading home for an afternoon nanna nap)
(Worth an early morning drive and the $28 ferry ride)


Anonymous said...

TWO AND HALF HOUR SESSION! Geez fellas I'd like to meet your personal trainer. Last time I lasted that long was over 10 years. So that's it, I'm off to the pool tonight to swim a quick km. Without flippers.


Oldfartsurfer said...

The Mexican reckons he uses Spot, the Mastersurfitness Guru. to date its cost him about $50k per hour but worth the extra hour in the water. Spot is a personal surf trainer but is also in high demand internationally having recently been the visiting exercise physiologist for the Calgary Scorpions Sledge Hockey Team.

Anonymous said...

hey I'm with you Mex. Little Rouge does the bin run each Monday night. Takes 3 minutes, and this is one of his duties to earn his pocket money $30/week. This puts him in the $600/hour bracket pretty good huh brain surgeon potential. cheers