15 December 2010

The Old Farts Surf Co. Fabulous Tour of Coolangatta - Day 6

The Dude (Oldfartsurfer No. 12) and Mexican (Oldfartsurfer No. 4) jumped out of bed at first light to check the surf, despite tired muscles from extensive tour surfing and sore heads, from extensive tour beer research.  (Of course there were to be no secrets on this tour, no "what happens on tour stays on tour", as the boys were accompanied by the good ladies, keeping a lid wild oldfartsurfer behaviour.)  When the sun finally rose over the superbank on the sixth and final day of the Old Farts Surf Co. Fabulous Tour of Coolangatta it revealed clean glassy 1' swell  peeling perfectly around the point.  The Mexican was tempted to grab Bob the Bobsled and slip out before the Saturday crowd arrived.  "I thought there might be a wave with enough grunt to push me and Bob along" said Mex, "but the Dude was doubtful and suggested there might  be more grunt if we went back to bed for a while".
(Sunrise on Day 6, perfect glassy 1' superbank)
After a bit more of a nap, the oldfartsurfers and the good ladies woke to a leisurely breakfast and a bit of chat.  The oldfartsurfers were distracted and couldn't keep their eyes off the superbank in case the swell suddenly jacked up. A rise in the swell wasn't predicted so it was just wishful thinking.
(Glassy conditions on the inside section of the superbank)
After breakfast the team packed up and put their bags in storage.  Of course boardies were put on top, just in case that swell did rise.  Then the team went for a leisurely walk around to Duranbah, on the State border with NSW at Tweed Heads.
(Saturday morning crowd gathers at the superbank)
On the walk around to Duranbah there was plenty of action on the superbank.  "There were some great team waves with about six surfers on each wave"  said the Dude,  "it was pretty amazing for such small waves, a testament to the quality of the wave."
(A six surfer team wave at the superbank)
Once the team reached Duranbah they stopped for a latte' in a lovely cafe' on the top of the hill.  The Cafe' had an art gallery out the back so a full morning's entertainment was complete with a browse of the artwork.  We were pretty pleased with this little find" said the Mex, "I think it was the high point of the tour for the Good Ladies, and their last memory of the Tour was what made if so fabulous".
(This kid scores one to himself)
The lady running the gallery was keen to leave the rat race of Coolangatta and the Gold Coast for the secret island home of the oldfartsufers.  The Mex filled her in on some good spots as long as she kept it a secret from the hordes.  "Made me appreciate how good we have it at home" said Mex, "We can still get six on a wave on a good day, even though we have less people and its really cold this time of year, its fantastic, you have to leave home to appreciate how good it is". 
(The kid gets slotted, while predators on the shoulder wait for him to fall)
"We'll have to do some more research for the next Old Farts Surf Co. Tour" said the Dude as he and the Good Woman jumped on the plane and left the Mex and the Good Lady to find Spot.
(Two for the price of one, tandem ladies surfing on the wave of the day)
(Duranbah, had enough grunt to support about 10 surfers on one wave)

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Anonymous said...

Guys, what is this! Breakfast and morning tea with the ladies!!! Please tell me this is a one of. Ladies time is meant to be an evening activity. Time spent at the end of a long day searching for waves up & down the coast. Time where you share tales of radical re-entries and scything cutbacks. Time where you seek remedial shoulder and back rubs to soothe those aching muscles. Time where you hope you can remain awake long enough to score a final ride for the day. Time to plan your next attack on the local surf spots.

p.s. good story good photos pity about the swell

Oldfartsurfer said...

Rouge, I was holding off writing about the fabulous sixth day of the fabulous tour. Just keepint the anticipation levels up, as I tried to figure out how to do justice in writing to one of the all time great days of surfing. Finally gave in after your pleadings. Aparently banks at Clifton are very good, just need a bit of swell. Tomorrow looks like a SUP day.
Stay Stoked!

Anonymous said...

Banks at Clifton apparently very good hmmm Not quite as good as the autumn of '74 but good enough to get the adrenalin pumping. I have 8mm film evidence of '74 just need to transfer to .jpg coming soon...

rash guard said...

The waves are just right enough to get you on surf training. The heat isn't too much anyway.

Oldfartsurfer said...

Can't wait to see first installment of Old Farts Surf co. original video of rash guard surfin clifton in '74. Cool eh! BTW I saw Jethro Tull in Pittsburgh that year, planning to see them in Melbourne this year "..snot running down his nose ..." love it.
Stay Stoked