18 October 2009

The Mexican Tirumphs for Spanish Fans

When the Mexican paddled out for the final of The fourth round of the Splinter Group World Series Surfing Championship he didn't know that members of his ever growing Spanish fan base were in the crowd to cheer him on.  The event was held in a remote secret location on an island a long way from Spain.  "I couldn't believe the effort and expense that the co-Head Honchos of the Spanish Mexican Fan Club, Juan and Juanita, went to to be here and root for me:"  said the Mexican.

(The surf on the final day of the fourth round)
The event was eventually won by the Mexican in controversial circumstances.  Some oldfartsurfer turned up late and absolutely dominated the surfing but all in vain as he wasn't riding the requisite Old Farts Surf Co. Hollow Timber Surfboard hand made by the mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude.  Initially dejected, the old fart was consoled by Juanita.  "I'd do anything to keep this event a joyous occassion just like our festivals in Spain" said Juanita.  "I didn't want anything to spoil the mood on the beach and detract from The Mexican's triumph" she said as she wrapped the dejected old fart within the warm folds of her poncho.  "At least she didn't throw tomoatoes at me" grumbled the old fart.

(The dejected old fart surfer soon to be consoled within the folds of Juanita's poncho)
The final of the event was held in clean conditions and, as has so often been the case, tthe final was a showdown between The Mexican and his Old Farts Surf Co. stable mate, The Dude.  "These guys really are masters of their hollow timber surfboard's" said the visiting Juan.  "They have taken hollow timber surfboard surfing to new levels of performance" he went on.

(Clean conditions for the final)
Juan said "ever since The Dude and The Good Woman came to Spain looking for sites for the Splinter Group to hold their world series surfing competitions we have been saving our Euro's to make the trip to the first event we could get to and see The Mexican surf.  He has been a legend in Spain ever since Cortez conquered the Incas" he said with a smile "and finally I have seen him surf in the flesh".

(Juanita: "psst Juan ... do you think my ass looks big in this poncho"
The visiting fans were surprised by the cool temperature.  "I brought my special Basque bikini to wear for the Mexican"  said a goose bumped Juanita.  "Fortunately I also brought my poncho so I could wear the bikini without getting too cold."  she said faking a coy smile.  "I was so honoured to comfort a dejected old fart surfer.  I wish it was the Mexican but he won and so wasn't dejected and that is far more important to me".

(High performance on finals day)

(Dramatic back drop on the secret island)

(Juan: "Si Juanita it is very cold but the poncho isn't big enough to cover your ass")

In his victory speech The Mexican espoused his theory of "surfing's original roots being in Spain, not Hawaii as often thought, and likened modern day big wave surfers to the early matadors, teasing, ducking and weaving around a lip as if it were a bulls horns".  "The Spanish took surfing to the New World in the Americas and, as Thor Hiedal proved, after leaning to surf from the Spaniards, the indans took surfing to the polynesian islands in huge grass SUPs to escape their conquorers" said the Mex.  The Mexican's Spanish fan base around the world has praised this theory.  "We always knew there was a connection and the Mex has shown us the way" said Juan.

(Juanita: "Si Juan, but do you think Mex will like my poncho")
(Some hot action on finals day)

(Juanita: "Ola Mexican")

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