25 October 2009

The Craic is Christened

The Mastersurfcraftsman, The Dude, has finally named and christened his original 6'8" hollow timber fish "The Craic".  Regular followers of this story will remember that, for the lack of a better name, The Oldfartsurfer had unofficially and without any originality called the board The Dude board after its creator.  "Naming rights go to the creator" said the Oldfartsurfer "and I apologise for the liberties taken in prematurely naming this icon of the surfing world." he went on and on.

(The Dude and The Craic)
In a secret naming cememony, The Craic was offered as one of Huey's children.  Huey threw down a couple of lightning bolts and thundered "Nah - keep it Dude".  The Dude was thankful, telling Huey he promised not to curse him next time he had to wait more than 2 hours for a set.

(Nice bottom - The Craic was nearly named Juanita)
The Young Dude and The Mexican witnessed the ceremony and Huey was omnipresent.  "Its like having a new brother in the family" said Young Dude. "I hope the old fart gives me a crack on The Craic" he said hopefully.  Old Farts Surf Co. Head Honcho, The Mexican, said "this is a historic moment moment in the development of the Old Fart Surf Co. community."

(Beautifully crafted timber fins on The Craic)
The Dude told the legendary story of the creation of The Craic.  The Young Dude, The Mexican and Huey were spellbound as the Dude described every piece of timber glued and shaving taken and how they all came together in perfect harmony as The Craic.  He described "the magic as it took off under his feet on the first ride in 1' slop".

(The classic "crack" in The Craic)
Several pints of Guiness were drunk to honour The Craic and its creator.

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