01 February 2009

Frogs invade State and Lucky Break at Carlton River

The Dude and the Mexican headed off at sparrows fart this morning to catch a 1.5m SW and NE wind at Roaring. On arrival there were eight NSW plated cars and vans and one Vic in the car park. No one could be seen and we feared another Jonestown massacre. We climbed to the top of the dune to check the surf. It looked solid but no shape and the wind was SE. We walked to the beach to see if there was a chance of a wave at the southern corner and found a dozen sleeping bags filled with bodies, cacoon like, lying on the beach with a few goon bags lying around. Must have been a big night under the stars. We crept past so as not to disturb, one bag stirred a little but the others were deadly still. At the beach we found there was no chance of a decent wave so we returned to the car park and guy with a north American accent and his girl emerged from one of the vans. Apparently the convoy of cars turned up on dark and a lot of what he thought were french speaking dudes unloaded all their gear and disappeared down to the beach. On the trip home we called into Carlton River on the off chance the swell was big enough to make it happen. It wasn't perfect and a bit fast and crumbly to make it too far down the line but we grabbed the mals that we had taken on the off chance and had a ball. It started out about waist high and by about 10 am some solid head high sets were coming through. When we started there were only a couple of goat boats out but the crowed reached about half a dozen by the time we got out. Chances were it could have improved later, particularly if the wind swung a bit to hold the waves up.

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