09 February 2009

Alison Aprhys Writer & Photojournalist

According to her web site "Alison Aprhys is a well-known journalist, whose articles and images have appeared in the Age, Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian as well as many print and online magazines and journals". The Oldfartsurfer had a chance meeting with her at a seminar full of professional marketing types at the top of an office tower in Melbourne's CBD mid way through last year. She was doing some work for an accounting or law firm and neither of us knew anyone else in the room. I soon discovered that she and her husband lived down Torquay way, were stoked on surfing and that she had this surf journalism business going. Check out her web site at http://www.shewrites.com.au/profile.html (there is a link on the side bar of this blog), there is a great article she has done for Slide Longboarding magazine on "Mal and the Longboarders" , a band of surfers based in Byron Bay (where else). These dudes sound a bit like The Old Farts Surf Co., right down to the team waves and making noise in an old club house.

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