12 May 2012

Moose's Super Mum in Hawaii

The Oldfartsurfer has to state here and now that THIS IS NOT A SUP BLOG.  Just because we've published two blogs in a row featuring oldfartsurfers riding SUPs along with previous features of Oldfartsurfer No. 6, Spot, and the Oldfartsurfer No. 4, Mex, riding SUPs, doesn't mean that we have departed from our fundamental value of STAYING STOKED on surfing.  However, staying stoked sometimes involves all manner of oldfartsurfcraft and this time we are honoring Oldfartsurfer No. 33, Moose's Mum (MM), aka Supermum, or Superb Susan.
(Moose's Mum paddles out)
Having toured Australia a couple of years ago and learnt to surf under the tutelage of Spot on an east coast oldfartsurfsurfari, MM has pursued a range of endeavours including marathon running in a quest to get stoked surfing.  She recently undertook an expeditionary oldfartsurfsurfari to the home of modern surf stoke, Hawaii, in order to hone her oldfartsurfing skills.  "I'm planning to take on Sunset and Pipe next year" said the supermum.  "After that I plan to paddle into Jaws".
(Moose's Mum paddles in)
MM is planning to prepare for these feats by competing in the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon.  "'The fitter you are the more stoked you can be' is my motto" said the supermum, "staying stoked is all about wave count and wave size". Her theory is that the fitter she is, the more big waves she can catch, and we can't argue with that logic.  Old fart Surf Co. Head Honcho, the Mex, said "MM is an inspiration to oldfartsurfers around the world, its never too late to start surfing and getting stoked"
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Anonymous said...

Nice! I could take more of this. The grace and style of these mums is very becoming.

MILSUPW (Mother I'd like to SUP with)